Manufacturing Quality Passive Optical Components Since 2001

APT provides innovative and affordable optical components and responsive services to help accelerate optical network systems worldwide.

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We offer telecommunication groups a wide array of affordable passive optical components that efficiently transmit data through vast distances.

A Visionary, Fast-Paced Team

What Separates the Best from the Rest

Located in the Qingdao Free Trade Zone and Qingdao Port, APT has managed a strong team of specialists that pay special attention to client needs, understanding market trends and adapting to technological change swiftly for 2 decades.

We utilize the latest US and EU-imported production and inspection equipment, along with a 10,000 class purification workshop for clean, efficient production. As such, we continue to offer higher performance for fiber optic networks through our successful collaborations with the top 3 China telecommunications operators.

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A Leader for Leaders

Today, we rise in the engineering and manufacturing of a variety of high-performance, top-tier passive optical components. Through our solutions, we support the needs of the national telecommunication industry to better provide the best for their audience.

Fiber Optic Solutions For Any Industry

APT provides solutions for different applications, such as FTTP solutions, data centers and various networks. Our thorough designs meet unique demands for improved broadband access, from easy installations to faster communication.

For faster network performance, consult with our experts on how we deliver excellent FTTP solutions for your needs.
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FTTP Solution

Affordable data centers are made with our quality components to provide greater security and storage of data.
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Data Center

Offering greater flexibility for networks, we combine technologies to create a stronger fiber optic infrastructure within buildings.
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In-Building Networks

Through our involvement in 5G development, APT leads with high performance components that improve bandwidth.
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5G Network

Quality Assurance

APT conducts full inspection from start to finish, using imported equipment that detects defects and tests the performance of our components to ensure product consistency and stable quality.


Importing from top suppliers, we inspect and take only high-end branded ferrules, three ring cables, beacon parts, PLC chips and other materials.

Production & QC

As an ISO-certified factory, we follow lean manufacturing standards that empowers quick mass production with consistent quality for every passive optical component.

Awards & Recognition

For years, we have been acknowledged for consistent environmental compliance, business leadership and quality management, resulting in innovative optic components for multiple applications.

Equipment and Facilities

With a clean,10,000 class dust-free room and US and EU-imported equipment, we carry out a thorough, organized production that meets demands on time.

Professional Team

We continue to excel as we garner professionals, from doctorate holders to leading engineers, trained to perform rigorous research and work.

Top-grade OEM Customization

Understanding What Your Market Needs

Customizations based on varied applications are part of our expertise, whether for logo design or engineering concerns. As OEM experts, we provide well-designed products from your ideas that are flexible and easily adjust to your needs.

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