FTTH Box Offerings


  • 4 Ports
  • 8 Ports
  • 16 Ports
  • 32 Ports

Tailor-Made FTTH Boxes

Made with world-class materials and contemporary designs, our Fiber to the Meter boxes provide safe and secure housing for fiber optic cords and splitters. IP55-certified protection keeps the internal components from dust, oil, dirt, and moisture, guaranteeing long-term and stable connections. The customizable design allows for tailor-made solutions to a wide range of market needs.

Corrosion-Resistant FTTH Box Manufacturer

Offering strong customization and fast production capabilities, APT provides the global market with sturdy FTTH boxes at reasonable wholesale prices. With a dedicated workshop utilizing advanced production technology and the latest testing equipment, our FTTH boxes boast superior quality and unmatched functionality ahead of their peers. Our approach to high-quality and cost-effective networking solutions see wide recognition nationwide, winning bids with major network operators in China for high performance fiber optic projects. 

Our FTTH Box Features

Resettlement Hole

Three-layer resettlement hole specifically designed to hold fiber adapters with adjustable features.

Storage Disk

Built-in storage compartment for storing excess optic cables, ready for any extensions and adjustments

Fixed Station

Tailor-made station for fixing and arranging the FTTH optic drop cable

Suitable Applications

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FTTH Access Network

p02 4 s06 img2

Telecommunication Network

p02 4 s06 img3

CATV Network

p02 4 s06 img4

Data Communications Networ

p02 4 s06 img5

Local Area Network

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Indoor & Ourdoor Application

Boosting Your Brand with APT FTTH Boxes

Our engineers understand the needs of the market and fully-satisfy them via intelligent designs.

Heavy investment in R&D gives us access to the latest in fiber optic technology.

One-year warranty coverage that includes technical support and product replacement.

Handling a wide range of projects honed our skill in creating tailor-made FTTN solutions.

FTTN boxes go through a gauntlet of quality testing to ensure product durability and performance.

Automated production lines maintain a high dust-free level of 10,000 for superior quality.

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