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Flexible Cable Splice Closure


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Flexible Optic Cable Splice Closure Selections

Applied in junctions for fiber protection, our durable optic fiber closures come with a solid mechanical sealing structure easy to reopen. Made with quality project plastic and stainless steel bolts, our cable splice closures are corrosion resistant and provide cables with long-lasting protection from extreme conditions. Our closures come with a larger capacity and a high index reach up to YD/T814-2004. As they can be buried underground or fixed for aerial application, they are important for CATV and telecommunications systems.

Experienced Manufacturer of Cable Splice Closures

Since 2001, we have manufactured numerous optic components and products that have improved the connectivity of different types of networks. Through our expertise and access to quality materials, we design cable splice closures that are catered to your industry needs. We carry out lean manufacturing within our clean workshops and facilities, following 5S standards to ensure safe, organized production. Our factory is equipped with the latest machinery to boost productivity, producing large volumes of closures that are accurately formed and meet growing demand.

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Trailblazing Features

Aging Resistance

Resist rusting and degeneration to last years.

Installed Anywhere

Placed above a roof or buried on the ground

Highly Weatherproof

Withstanding moisture, lightning strikes and strong winds for uninterrupted performance

Top Mechanical Performance

Functional components made to work consistently under rough conditions

Flexibly Applied For Your Market’s Needs

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Opic Fiber Communications System

Serving You With Attention

Consult with us to explain our thorough processes while offering more options that fit more with any application.

Productivity is maximized through our advanced production and inspection equipment from Japan, Canada and Switzerland.

We offer consistent responses to your inquiries and free technical support to make the most of your purchase.

Our experience with multiple information system projects resulted in consistent support throughout the process.

Thorough testings help minimize defects and improve long-term performance for our closures.

In our 10,000 grade purification workshop, we make sure our production environment meets GMP standards.

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