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Secure Data Transfer With APT WDM

Used for the transmission of data from one end to another, our WDMs offer a much quicker and more stable means of connectivity throughout the network. WDMs combine several wavelengths and pass them through fiber optic cables, allowing for signal transmissions with little to no data loss. APT’s WDM products specialize in digital wavelengths and can adapt with future migrations to new network technology, integrating with our optic fiber connectivity products.

Multi-channel WDM Supplier

Leading the industry in manufacturing affordable and customizable Wavelength Division Multiplexing products, APT has been consistently meeting global market demands since 2001. Our ISO9001-certified facility boasts multiple production workshops and seasoned engineers with years of manufacturing experience, with automated production lines capable of completing large-volume orders in a short lead time. WDM products from APT are covered with a one-year warranty for service and replacements.

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Our WDM Features


Temperature-resistant materials provide thermal stability and reliability.

Improves Performance

High channel isolation keeps data uplink and downlink free from interference

Globally Certified

Adheres to Telcordia GR-1221 and RoHS standards

Unhindered Connection

Epoxy-free optical path for long-term and stable performance

Diverse Applications

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DWDM Network

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Add/Drop System

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CATV Fiberoptic System

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Metro/Access Network

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Fiber Optical Amplifier

Why APT is the Best Source for WDM Products

APT’s teams of engineers are industry experts that understand what your market needs.

With the latest production tools and dedicated workshops, we are driven to innovate.

Full warranty coverage for our WDM products protects.

Working on WDM projects for many years gives us unique insight into current technology trends.

Dedicated QC inspectors stop at nothing to ensure our WDMs exceed industry standards.

State-of-the-art manufacturing facility meets ISO9001 standards and 10,000 level dust-free workshops.

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