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Comprehensive Installation & Commissioning

Always going the extra mile for our clients, APT provides free on-site installation to guarantee the performance of our products. Initial technical data and debugging are also conducted after installation, along with providing installation instructions as part of the commissioning. Seasoned technicians make sure that our fiber optic products are in peak performance before handing them over.

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On-Site Professional Training

APT ensures you maximize the potential of our optic fiber products and accessories by arranging training and equipping sessions for your construction team. Handled by our professional technicians, these sessions prepare your team through next-level technical guidance free of charge. Included in the session are learning about the features of each product, how to systematically install and maintain the equipment, and optimizing construction for extended service life.

Dynamic Management System for Global Coverage

Wanting to deliver world-class aftersales support to our clients and customers around the world, APT implemented a dynamic management system. This system integrates our various customer service agencies for fast and seamless assistance that matches our high standards. We also established support sites in strategic locations that will allow us to respond promptly to your concerns.

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Customer Complaints Management

All concerns are addressed with speed and efficiency, providing accurate responses to customer complaints.

On-site technical service

Quick deployment of professional technical support staff wherever you are on the globe.

Inventory Management

Regular monitoring of inventory on all sites allows for fast response and timely delivery.


As your committed partner in success, your products are covered with a one-year warranty that includes full support from our expert technicians and prompt product replacements. Our responsive customer service team addresses all concerns you or your customers may have regarding our products with speed and efficiency.

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APT has worked with reputable brands and numerous clients over the years. Browse our past project to find a tailor-made optical communication solution for your needs.


Experienced and resourceful optoelectronic technology engineers are ready to work with you in finding an OEM solution that fits your business goals.

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