Fiber Optic Patch Cord & Pigtail

Rich Selection of Fiber Optic Patch Cords


  • Drop cable GJXH/GJFXCH
  • MPO
  • 12core Buched Pigtail
  • FC Type
  • LC type
  • SC Type
  • ST Type
  • Waterproof Pigtail

Dependable Fiber Optic Patch Cord

Patch cords we create connects two devices through their optical fiber ports. The optical fiber connector is created with branded materials, allowing for low insertion loss and reliable transmission. Each patch cord can also achieve a wide wavelength range to accommodate various signals. APT also designs the cord to have optimum pull and push strength, which allows it to be installed in any area.

Market-Leading Patch Cord Manufacturer

APT is a trusted manufacturer of fiber optic patch cord thanks to our two decades of experience. Each of our patch cords is made in compliance with CE, RoHS, and other industrial standards on reliable performance. With our regular market research and production on recent trends such as 5G networks, we help you stay ahead of your competitors in the telecom industry.

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Functional Fiber Optic Connector Quality

Certified Telecom Cable

CE, RoHS, and other certification standards

Peerless Connection

superior repeatability and interchangeability

High Compatibility

Accommodates a wide range of wavelengths

Superior Signal Capabilities

High return loss and low insertion loss

Trendsetting Innovations

Matching Liquid

The matching liquid found on the fast connector’s rear joint makes the assembly easier and requires less technical skill.

Clamshelf Design

With its smart clamshell design, the optic fiber cables are tightly fastened and won’t move from their position.

Ceramic Ferrule

Carefully formed ferrule made with imported ceramic material guarantees a minimal optical loss.

Diverse Telecom Applications

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High-speed Communication Systems

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Fibre Instrumentation/ Testing

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System and Signal Monitoring

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CATV Networks

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FTTx Networds

Business Building Features

What makes up the APT workforce are qualified staff experienced in photoelectric technology, and CATV.

Adopting North American and European production technology, we create high-grade products that help you succeed in the market.

Expect a smooth and insightful experience through the consultation of our experienced staff.

APT has helped major brands such as LG in finding the right solution for their telecom project requirements.

By adopting a quality control policy across all of our workshops, we ensure all of our patch cords efficiently transmit data.

Our factories comply with international standards with Class 100,000 advanced cleanrooms.

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