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Versatile PLC Splitter

PLC splitter components we create are integrated waveguide, optical power distributors. The construction of our splitter allows for a wide operating wavelength range as well as reliable and optimized uniformity of splitting optical signals. With the reliable performance of our PLC splitters, you can expect products that won the bidding of three major telecommunications carriers, including China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom.

Reliable PLC Splitter Manufacturer

Taking charge ahead of other PLC splitter manufacturers, APT has in-depth experience in the optical communication industry that can advance your company. With our HQ located within the Qingdao Free Trade Zone, we can import quality materials such as the PLC splitter chips from Japan and Korea at low prices. The geographical advantage we have lets us provide high-grade optical communication products at competitive prices.

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Performance-Focused Features

Durable Construction

Resistant against wearing and tearing

Compact Design

Small dimensions for various transfer boxes.

Efficient Signal Power

Low insertion loss and high return loss.

High-Grade Band-Pass Filter Performance

Low polarization-dependent loss can be achieved.

Wide-Range of Optical Communication Applications

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High-speed Communication Systems

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Fibre Instrumentation/ Testing

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System and Signal Monitoring

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CATV Networks

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FTTx Networds

High-End Telecommunication Business Benefits

APT’s team consists of specialists with the know-how in high-grade optical communication products.

By adopting advanced production technology, we can create optimized PLC splitters for your optical communication market.

Experienced and responsive customer support can assist you through our 24-hour hotline or email available 24/7.

Past clients were able to complete their business goals without any hassle when working with us.

Dedicated inspectors follow our strict protocols during production, ensuring your PLC splitter achieves optimum signal distribution.

With advanced equipment, we can complete your PLC splitter orders with a short lead-time.

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