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We are pioneers of the Chinese telecommunication network market backed by years of experience within the industry. Our advanced North American and European production technology as well as our optoelectronic specialists can find solutions to help you progress in your optical communication needs. APT consists of 200+ staff across six different departments with our HQ located in Qingdao. 

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What We Do

APT Telecom Expertise At Your Service

The company started at a time where there were hardly any reputable optical communication brands in the market, where telecommunication parts are subpar and incredibly expensive. Today, APT offers a one-stop-shop service for all your optical communication needs. You can find fiber optic patch cords, PLC splitters, FBT splitters, FTTH box, WDM, optical fiber adapter, fast connector, cable splice closure, optical fiber termination box, and optical switches.

What makes us different from other optical communication parts manufacturers is our geographical advantage. The location of our production floor allows us to purchase cutting-edge equipment and quality raw materials from reputable brands within Japan and Korea as well as local companies. With our geographical advantage, we can produce high-quality optical communication components that fit your budget limit.

The design of our optical communication parts ensures efficient telecommunication signal management. APT is also forward-thinking with the development of our components, helping you adapt to changes and technology in the optoelectronic industry.

APT is partnered with trusted suppliers across the globe as well as local brands. With our mature supply chain, we ensure a steady supply of high-grade optical communication parts even during peak periods.

Working with us in bringing up your custom optical communication solution is a smooth and hassle-free experience with our free technical support and training services.

How We Do It

Keeping Up With Today’s Trend

Development of our products comes from studying current ensuring they provide fast and stable communication in the 5G era and beyond. Working closely with you by carefully listing and understanding your needs also ensure we can create parts that fulfill your goals.

“Through our cutting-edge solutions for telecommunication needs, APT moves forward in improving our client’s digital communication capabilities. ”

- Ben Tompson, CEO of Company A

How We Develop

Explore Our Timeline

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We have established the Qingdao Applied Photonic Technical Co. LTD headquarters.

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Our team expanded our main product line by adding optical fiber components to our official product line during this year.

p06 1 s05 img3


We launched the FBT taper splitter project and added it to our official production list within the same year.

p06 1 s05 img4


APT completed the PLC optical splitter project, which formally became part of our main product that year.

p06 1 s05 img5


Won the bid for the centralized bidding project of China Unicom

p06 1 s05 img6


Successfully aquired the China Telecom Group Bid

p06 1 s05 img7


The company held the 10th anniversary of its official operation and establishing the Wuhan branch.

p06 1 s05 img8


APT established our Rizhao Branch

p06 1 s05 img9


A new office building was established in our Qingdao headquarters in 2013.

p06 1 s05 img10


Launch of a new CWDM optical wavelength division multiplexer project.

p06 1 s05 img11


APT launched a new collimator project in 2016 that can transfer light into free space collimated beams.

p06 1 s05 img12


We took on an optical switch project during this year that improves light signal management.

What We Uphold

Outstanding Business Philosophy

APT is committed to advancing our innovative approaches to help your business reach a leading position.

People Oriented

Employee’s health and well-being are important to APT, which is why set ensure our staff are treated well.

Leading Technology

All of our optical communication parts are made from innovative production equipment from North America and Europe.


Our reputation comes from staying committed to our promises among all of our clients.

Mutual Benefit

Your success is our success, which is why we strive to accomplish our clients’ goals.

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