FBT Splitter

Wide Range FBT Splitter Products


  • ABS Box Type
  • Steel Tube Type
  • Bare Fiber Type

Heavy-Duty FBT Splitter

FBT splitters we create distributes light beam signals into two or more light beam signals via the fused biconical taper method. The construction of our FBT splitter makes it highly durable and resistant to wearing, giving the component superior environmental stability. Each of our FBT splitters can also accommodate various wavelengths to meet any optical communication requirements.

Advanced FBT Splitter Manufacturer

APT is Leading the charge among FBT splitter manufacturers in the country with our incredible talents. Each team member has a background in global optical communications, photoelectric technology, or CATV. Backed by our innovative production technology, international management mode & supervisory system, we are capable of creating FBT splitters that can surpass your expectations in terms of durability and performance.

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Dependable Optical Communication Solution

Rugged Design

Optimized environmental stability.

Efficient Distribution

Uniform splitting of the signal for optimized distribution.


Wavelength range

Handles various wavelengths to meet any transmission requirements.

Robust Signal Management

Low insertion loss, back reflection, polarization-dependent loss

Extensive Optical Communication Applications

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Long-haul Telecommunications

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CATV Systems & Fiber Optic Sensors

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Local Area Network

Market-Leading Telecommunication Business Benefits

APT’s growth comes from garnering professionals, from doctorate holders to leading engineers.

APT stays ahead of others by keeping up with recent production technology and advanced techniques.

Backing our high-quality FBT splitter is a 1 to 2-year warranty coverage to give you peace of mind.

Numerous telecom clients have completed project goals through our high-grade FBT splitters.

Each of our workshops follows international standards on quality control, ensuring all FBT splitters meet your expectations.

Through our robust production capabilities, we can complete bulk orders of FBT splitters with only 1-2 weeks.

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