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Easy to Use Fast Connector Solutions

A staple in fiber-optic setups in the field, our fast connectors allow installers to end or establish a fiber-optic connection within the physical network. APT’s line of custom fast connectors uses a reliable clamshell lock and matching liquid to make stable connections that require no adhesives or curing tools. These fast connectors complement our range of fiber optic connectivity tools with ease, helping installers complete projects faster.

Your Premier Wholesale Fast Connector Manufacturer

APT is the leading source of wholesale fast connectors in the market, offering world-class fast connectors made to suit your customer’s specific needs. Superior manufacturing facility with ISO-certified workshops guarantees quick and streamlined production, with samples available within 2 days from the consultation. Having confidence in our fast connectors, they include a 1-year warranty service that covers tech support, repair, and replacement.

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High-Caliber Features

Rapid Installation

Clamshell design and matching liquid components make installation fast and easy.

Works with Most Fiber Cables

Contemporary construction makes it usable with 0.25mm or 0.9mm coated fibers.

Lasting Connections

Rigorous quality testing ensures strong and reliable connections.


Smart assembly eliminates the need for additional tools for setup.

Trendsetting Innovations

Matching Liquid

The matching liquid found on the fast connector’s rear joint makes the assembly easier and requires less technical skill.

Clamshelf Design

With its smart clamshell design, the optic fiber cables are tightly fastened and won’t move from their position.

Ceramic Ferrule

Carefully formed ferrule made with imported ceramic material guarantees a minimal optical loss.

Best Applications for Fast Connectors

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Premise/Enterprise Networks

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LAN/WAN Connections

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Patch Panels

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Equipment Termination

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FTTx Applications

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Field Repair/Replacement

Take Hold of the APT Fast Connector Advantage

Engineers with years of robust optoelectronic technology experience work intently to develop the fast connectors you need.

Strong R&D capabilities keep our process and products at par with the global market trends.

Our 1-year warranty covers technical support from expert technicians and product replacements.

We make sure your wholesale fast connectors are made specifically to your market’s unique demands.

The seasoned quality control team inspects the fast connectors within production to guarantee standards are met.

10,000-level dust-free workshops adhere to ISO9001 standards for effective and marketable wholesale fast connectors.

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