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Reliable Optic Fiber Adapters

Optical fiber adapters allow the calibration of two fiber optic ends, creating a seamless and stable connection for network setups. APT manufactures a diverse line of optical fiber adapters that has both a ceramic or bronze housing and other customizable features.  Looking for competitive pricing for large-volume orders? Let our team provide you with the best prices for optical fiber adapters.

High-Performance Optical Fiber Adapters Distributor

When it comes to manufacturing optical fiber adapters, no brand comes close to APT in quality, speed, and service. Our dedicated research engineers constantly raise the bar in creating innovative optical fiber adapters, obtaining several certifications and recognitions in the process. Adhering to ISO9001 standards, our production facility houses the latest manufacturing equipment and 10,000-level dust-free workshops for the utmost quality.

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Feature-Packed Optical Fiber Adapters

Long-Lasting Connections

Customizable dimensions ensure a tight fit that lasts for extended periods

Global Certification

Expert construction adheres to ANSL, Bellcore, TIA/EIA, and IEC standards

Custom Housing

Choose from ceramic or bronze housing based on your market preference

Optimized Performance

Provides a low insertion of <0.2dB and a high return loss of ≥50dB

Optical Fiber Adapters are Perfect for

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DWDM Network

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Add/Drop System

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CATV Fiberoptic System

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Metro/Access Network

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Fiber Optical Amplifier

Take Your Brand to the Next Level with Our Optical Fiber Adapters

Reliable industry experts that honed their optoelectronic technology skills and knowledge through years of experience.

APT stays ahead of our peers with cutting-edge manufacturing tools and updated production processes.

The certified technical support team is always ready to assist, from installation to replacements.

We construct wholesale optical fiber adapters tailor-made to suit your market and brand demands.

QC inspections are conducted in every step of the manufacturing process for consistent optical fiber adapters

Our manufacturing facility upholds ISO standards with dust-free workshops and intensive material selection.

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