5G Network

Shifting to 5G Network

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5G – The Next Step of Network Connectivity

In the ever-evolving world of communications technology, having access to the latest network keeps businesses connected and relevant. With the development of the 5G network that provides faster connectivity and larger data transfer functionality, enterprises require equipment that will facilitate their migration into the next evolution of network connectivity.

Supporting Your Transition to 5G Networks

APT’s selection of fiber optic cables and splitters is designed to prepare network infrastructures for its gradual shift to 5G connectivity. Taking advantage of the large bandwidth capabilities our optical fibers possess, we anticipate the global move to 5G by assisting three major telecommunications operators for effective and cost-friendly expansion of their networks.

More than Products, We Bring Partnership

At APT, we offer not only high-quality passive optical products but also our robust industry expertise and passion for optoelectronic technology.

Close Collaboration

For many years, APT has been working closely with major telecommunication networks in China on their expansion projects and stabilizing their mobile networks. We bring the same dedication and commitment to helping clients and customers in strengthening their networks as well.

Reliability from the Headend to the Node

We understand how important stable connections are to the industry. Our line of passive optical products are designed and inspected for optimal performance, ensuring the entire fiber optic network functions as needed from end to end.

Support All the Way

APT continues to provide valuable support through professional installation and commissioning, expertly-trained on-site engineers, and accommodating remote staff ready to assist in your concerns during and after installation.

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APT's Insight in 5G Network

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