Raw Material Sourcing

Raw Material Geographical Sourcing Advantage

APT has the advantage of being in a bonded area where cargos within the territory are outside the jurisdiction of local customs legislation and are supported by special policies. The territory we are in allows us to obtain a steady supply of high-quality raw materials at competitive prices.

Every main product raw material is imported from different countries such as North America and Europe. With our optical communication components’ quality and price, you can accomplish your goals while staying within your budget.

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Raw Material Sourcing

We Only Source Branded Material

Only branded materials are used for our optical communications products such as the ceramic inserted for the pigtails and ceramic sleeves for adapters. These parts come from are imported from Japan. Through the use of high-quality materials, all telecom components help you achieve all of your business goals and projects.

Raw Material Sourcing

Strict Raw Material Screening

Seasoned QC inspectors conduct a full screening of all essential raw materials. The staff also perform a careful examination of a sample-controlled item from batches of materials to ensure they meet our standards.

All of our suppliers must also provide factory inspection reports to ensure their materials pass our minimum quality requirements. The suppliers are expected to replace every defective or flawed material.

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