Awards & Recognition

APT’s Greatest Achievements

As a leading passive optical components manufacturer, we have been recognized for our quality management and care for the environment. Along with our competence in creating premium optical products, we develop sustainable means of production that inspire the industry to advance to the future.

Numerous Industry Patents

APT holds a growing number of utility model patents for our optical cable receivers, FBT unit package devices and other industry-leading technology.

Certified and Committed to Environmental Protection

Recognized for our ISO14001 environmental safety management system, APT strives to reduce toxic substances and follow “green” manufacturing techniques in our facilities.

Quality Certified

Recognized for our ISO9001 Quality Management System, APT follows lean manufacturing stands and ensures cleanliness, safety and consistent quality checks throughout production.

Enterprise Honor

Because of our manufacturing of optical wavelength division multiplexer products, we helped fill the gaps within the domestic market.

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