Product Design & Development

Product Design and Development Process

Our R&D department follows strict international standards in developing customized passive optical components that satisfies domestic and foreign markets. In-house software supports 3D design and other applications to carry out product integration and other key processes. We draw from our industry expertise to develop precise optical designs that improve the performance of different network systems.

Concept in Design


To understand your requirements, we consult with you about your market’s needs, industry standards and specifications to craft the right optic products for you. We then provide examples through 3D concept models and offer advice on how to optimize the efficiency of our product line.

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Feasible Changes To Be Made


We provide a proposal outlining costs and time to be spent to meet your specifications in order to give you a comprehensive timetable. Through our presentation of the concept and production process, you can easily make any changes before we begin production.

Mechanical Design & Prototyping

With advanced 3D models, we construct detailed mechanical designs for our passive optical components and produce prototypes. Following lean manufacturing processes shows our efficiency in material usage and ensures that we deliver products that are sustainably manufactured with consistent quality.

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A small batch of our products are made in the final stage of pre-production to prevent any issues during the manufacturing process. We then create a standard build documentation to finalize the production assembly.

Before Testing


Taken from our agreed specifications, we formalize approvals at the outset of the project. From this point, we will know when we can test our products within our factory or in a specialized facility to ensure consistent quality.

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How Can We Help?

It’s important to APT that we listen and understand the needs you have for your fiber network project. We’d be honored to put our industry specialists to work to help you achieve your project goals.

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