Wide Range of Passive Optical Components

APT is your one-stop-shop for a wide variety of passive optical communication parts, allowing you to find the components you need to fulfill your business goals or complete your telecommunication project. The comprehensive range of high-performance parts serves multiple applications across data centers & enterprise, industrial & transportation, public networks, and telecom & FTTx markets.

Patch Cords

The patch cords efficiently connect hardware from varying distances. Each of our patch cords comes in multimode and single-mode ends.


Acting as an integrated waveguide optical power distributer, splitters can combine, branch, or distribute optical signals within an optical network system.

Optical-Fibre Distribution Box

Our optic-fiber distribution box makes it easy to organize and protect a network’s connection point.

WDM Type

Each WDM combines optical signals from multiple sources and sends them through one fiber connection for efficient transmission.

FTTH Accessories

From fast connectors to optical adapters, APT offers all FTTH accessories you require to complete any optic connection project.

Optical Fiber Connection

Optical fiber connectors are made to transmit Datacom and telecommunication signals for premise/enterprise networks and equipment test leads.


The construction of our optical switch allows for faster switching times within a millisecond range for optical fiber systems.

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