Professional Team

Your Product Needs Are Our Top Priority

We value your time and specific market needs, so we work round the clock to complete orders with three 8-hour shifts that optimize our production capabilities. Aftersales and technical support teams are also available whenever you need them, providing expert assistance in any way possible. Our commitment to placing your needs first has garnered the recognition and loyalty of our clientele.

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Strategic Locations

Rapid Production, Express Delivery

With our global headquarters located in Qingdao free trade zone, access to world-class materials is no question, and shipment via land, air, or sea is guaranteed fast and hassle-free. We also have offices in other locations like Shenzhen, Taiyuan, and Hefei that enhance our production capabilities, along with timely supply to aftersales concerns.

Quality Check is not just Reviewed by QC Team but Shared by Everyone

At APT, every department upholds the company’s dedication to quality, making sure our products and services are globally competitive.

Sales Department

Concepts and ideas you have for the project are acquired by the sales team, confirming each detail is accurate and matches client needs.

Technical Department

Based on the information gathered, the technical team develops the products that highlight your ideas and addresses the voiced demands.

Production Department

The design is forwarded to the production team that creates the products following the established guidelines, regularly inspecting for consistency.

QC Department

Rounds of testing and full inspection are conducted by our quality team during and after production, ensuring that our products meet our internal and global standards.

After-sales Department

Once products leave the warehouse, our aftersales team addresses customer feedback and assists in concerns regarding our products and services.

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