Equipment & Facilities

Dust-Free 10,000-level Clean Workshop

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Our clean room has air cleaning technology that controls the amount of dust inside and provides air conditioning and proper ventilation to let in cool, fresh air. Through an advanced filtering system, we provide workers with strong protection from dust, gases, noise and pressure.

Designed to reflect our quality, the clean workshop shows our adherence to lean manufacturing standards for organized production. As such, the production environment meets the pharmaceutical industry GMP standard and imbibes confidence in our quality.

High Caliber Production Equipment

For efficient, accurate manufacturing, we rely on numerous international equipment that are made to last and help produce components at a fast rate to meet quotas.

Supported by Experts

Advanced Production Line

Our production lines are designed and provided by China Electronic Technology Group Corporation No. 41 Research Institute (CETC) to help sustain mass production in the long run. Because of their innovations in information technology and security electronics, CETC covers more than 110 global regions and supplies for various markets.

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