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Tailored Telecom Solutions

APT has the experience and technological advantage in finding a custom optical communication component you require to fulfill your business goals. From inception to delivery, we ensure your custom parts accurately capture your specification requirements and telecom signal management performance.

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Diverse Custom Options

Insertion loss value
Branch Length
Number of Channels
Operating Wavelength

Brand-Building OEM Advantages

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Brand-Building OEM Advantages

Since 2001, APT has been providing high-grade optical communication components to the global market. Clients around the world have found success by working closely with us over the years.

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Diverse Optical Communication Parts

From fiber optic patch cords, PLC splitters, FBT splitters, WDM, and optical switches, we offer a one-stop-shop solution for all of your telecommunication requirements.

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Optoelectronic Technology Specialists

To ensure we stay committed to our mission of high-grade optical communication parts, we hand-pick optoelectronic technology elites with an extensive background in the industry.

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Wide Market Reach

All of our products are made for various network telecommunication systems such as 5G networks. APT can adapt to any market trends to keep you ahead of your competitors.

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Cutting-Edge Equipment & Facilities

Utilizing North American and European production technology allows us to create high-grade optical combination components, allowing you to secure a leading position in your target market.

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Award-Winning Global Leader

Over the years, APT has achieved several milestones and accomplishments. The efforts we make today will lay the foundation for advances in telecom technology among our clients.


APT has worked with reputable brands and numerous clients over the years. Browse our past project to find a tailor-made optical communication solution for your needs.


Experienced and resourceful optoelectronic technology engineers are ready to work with you in finding an OEM solution that fits your business goals.

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