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  • MEMS Optical Switch
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  • Mechanical Optical Switch MINI Type
  • Magneto Optical Switch

Convenient Optical Switches

Using light induction for switch triggering, our optical switches require no physical contact. Because they are not usually touched, our optical switches have a longer life than traditional ones by lasting over 100 million key presses. Made for efficiency, our optical switches have lower power consumption, enabling greater savings for any network. The convenience of our switches makes them applicable for spectroscopy, medical and telecommunications applications. With our solutions, we help maximize network performance by reducing any hassles for businesses.

Your Leader in Affordable Optical Switch Manufacturing

APT is your partner in constructing high performance optical switches that help businesses excel in their operations and providing services. As part of major developments, we have been engaged in 5G network construction to help different markets and propel technological innovation. Because of our industry expertise, we utilize advanced technology that helps with the accurate mass production of cables and other optical products. With our free consultations, technical support and long warranty, we provide up-to-date information and an overall easy transaction experience.

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Relevant Features

Ultra-compact form

Using only little space for added convenience.

Low insertion loss

Power budget is maximized for greater savings.

Constant Repeatability

Measurements are made reliable and consistent

USB or LAN operation

Simple setups for USB and Ethernet are made easier

Remote control

Convenient control from PC or mobile devices with user-friendly interfaces

Multiple Modes

Setup integration is made easier through single or multiple mode applications.

Widespread Applications

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Biomedical & medical applications

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Optical Measurements &Testing

Benefits for Doing Business with APT

Our experts specialize in optical passive and active devices, having studied the market for years.

Our line to advanced fusion machines, grinders and other equipment improve the progress of our production.

From personnel training and technical support, we cover a lot of areas to give you the best experience with our products.

Due to our competitiveness, we scored 600+ successful projects to earn the trust of global brands.

From raw material inspection to product testing, we make sure no defects are missed to guarantee optimal product performance.

With efficient manufacturing management,  we ensure that our facilities are constantly operational for fast-paced production.

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