• product patchcord MPO 6x6 1
  • product patchcord MPO 6x6 2
  • product patchcord MPO 6x6 3
  • product patchcord MPO 6x6 1
  • product patchcord MPO 6x6 2
  • product patchcord MPO 6x6 3

MPO Patch Cords

APT MPO/MTP patch cord is a multi-fiber patch cord with fiber count of 4, 6, 8 12, 24,48. MPO/MTP patch cords use Precision molded MT ferrules, together with metal guide pins and precise housings ensuring fiber alignment when mating. MPO/MTP connector assembled to ribbon or bare ribbon connectors with push-pull latching.Supplies MPO/MTP Trunk Cable,MPO/MTP BunchCable,MPO/MTP Fanout Cable,MPO/MTP Cassette Module and MPO/MTP Patch Cord, MPO Splitter Module which are all suitable for 40G QSFP+

FTTX 600x600 1

MPO Patch Cords

  • Precision molded MT ferrule

  • High precision guide pins for exact alignment

  • Compact design, up to 4,8,12,24 fibers

  • Telcordia GR-1435-CORE Compliant

Diverse Telecom Applications

  • Telecom network1 400X400

    LAN, WAN and Metro Networks

  • data center 400x400 1

    FTTH project & FTTX Deployments

  • FTTX 600x600 1

    Gigabit Ethernet

  • Ethernet network

    Active Device/Transceiver Interface

Technical Specifications

Part Number:           SPP-MPOM – MPOM – AA – 12D – 3HA

1           2          3 4     5  6    7 8 9

1 – Connector A MPOF: MPO Female; MPOM: MPO Male
2 – Connector B MPOF: MPO Female; MPOM: MPO Male
3 – End face A  P:PC polish;  A:APC polish
4 – End face B  P:PC polish;  A:APC polish
5 – Fiber Count 12: 12 Cores; 8: 8 Cores ;  24: 24 Cores
6 – Fiber Mode M1: OM1; M2: OM2; M3: OM3;  M4: OM4;    D: G.652D; A1: G657.A1
7 – Length 3 : Cable total length 3M ;  etc
8 – Cable Jacket Materials H:LSZH
9 – Polarity A: Type A;   B:   Type B;   C: Type C
Fiber Type& Diameter Default: Mini Round Cable 3.0mm
Cable Jacket Color Default:Aqua (   OM3,OM4) Orange (OM1,OM2) , Yellow (SM)

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